Need support to develop your Hotel Strategy?

Amano Marketing works with individual hotels and UK wide groups to develop a robust strategy that will focus on growth and is aligned with your vision. We can run single workshops that ensure you have what you need to develop a strategy, draft a format and consider its effective communication. We know, however, that a good plan can't be written in a day so we can also work with you over several months to provide a process and accountability to ensure it is delivered, aligned with the wider organisation and create agile leadership skills to manage changes to the plan if the market dictates. In short, we help you deliver a plan that will deliver on objectives, is achievable, can be adapted to changing market conditions and is understood by the team and stakeholders.
Our workshops ensure there is a collaborative approach to the development of the plan and our process includes having a well understood purpose, a clear vision, meaningful objectives, clarity of action and responsibilities agreed for its delivery. You work live on the your plan during sessions so we get beyond the theory to its practical implementation with agreed timescales to complete each section, joint accountability and plan for review and adaption throughout the year.
Each programme is bespoke to your needs so call for an initial chat.

Why use Amano Marketing

You have input from an experienced hotel marketer and an experienced digital marketing consultant to provide the latest trends and support your digital strategy.
You want to ensure the time you take out of the office with the team is productive and your resources are spent developing the plan not planning and facilitating the workshops.
Facilitated by a trained coach, there is open communication throughout which develops a more cohesive team beyond the planning process.
Rather than allocating someone from the team to facilitate proceedings, everyone is involved in the process so you can maximise the collective wisdom in the room. Leave the agenda, tea breaks, keeping to time and everyone's engagement to us.
Between the workshops we can be available to support you as you develop the strategy so ownership remains with the team.
Coaching can be added between sessions to build the competencies and behaviours of the team to effectively deliver on the plan.

Meet Andrea McKay

Andrea has a spent over 30 years in sales and marketing with such brands as Whitbread, Hilton and BPP University.

Andrea has an MSc in Marketing and is on the committee of the Hotel Marketing Association which supports the professionalism of marketing in the hotel industry.

She is a certified Coach and Systemic Team Coach so focusses on collaboration, raising motivation, team performance and positioning the marketing function within the wider organisation in all her strategic work.

Having developed and implemented local, national and global strategies in major hotel brands, she has run and been involved in group wide strategy meetings to set vision, values and setting strategy to move a company forward. She has experienced the benefits of having an independent facilitator and can bring those benefits to your planning workshops.

If you’re interested in team or individual coaching and mentoring, visit our Coaching Confidential website for more details or drop us a line below.

Amano Marketing works with

Independent Hotels
Small to Medium sized hotel groups
Hotels developing plans for head office submission
Hotel Openings
Hotel or groups going through a merger or acquisition

Let's chat

As your needs will be as unique as your company, get in touch and we'll talk through your specific requirements. A 30 minute, no obligation, chat may change the way you see your 2022/23 strategy.